Annual meeting special

2019-01-28 14:41:10 33

After 2018,

Hetrun has written a new chapter in the service system with the concept of safety, environmental protection, quality assurance and quantity.

After 2018,

Hetrun has created a new milestone in the adhesive industry with passion and sweat.

After 2018,

We have a joy in Hetrun and an expectation for the future.

Hetrun Industry Group Ltd.

There is always a sense of ritual, reminding us that the new year is coming again, the New Year’s bell is about to ring, and the time of the year has left a deep impression. Thanks to the family members who have accompanied us all the way, for Hetrun. Said that every employee is like a family.

General Zheng talked about the experience of Hetrun all the way, thanked the staff of various departments, without their hard work and quiet efforts behind, there is no such growth in Asahi year after year.

In 2019, Hetrun entered its ninth year, like a child. After a crawl, learn to walk, learn to run, and grow slowly.

Hetrun Industry Group Ltd.

Wind and rain, the road is rugged.

Can not stop the pace of advancement, dedication and dedication.

Without any hard work, there are always people who are brave.

Hetrun step by step,

Each stage has its own highlights and colors.

Looking back at every achievement of our 2018,

They all condense the hard work and hard work of everyone.

It is filled with our common tireless efforts and hard work.

In the new year, we also look forward to working together to launch a new chapter.

Hetrun Industry Group Ltd.