International Label Exhibition

2019-03-11 14:40:03 68

2019 event - China International Label Exhibition (SINO-LABEL), a large-scale label industry exhibition in the eyes of the public from March 4th to 6th, 2019 in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Pavilion A, 1.1-2.1 The museum is in full swing. It has attracted tens of thousands of industry colleagues to gather together, and the highlights of the exhibition are constantly showing the charm of the label.

Hetrun Industry Group Ltd.

The exhibition brought together a variety of products such as label materials and adhesives, and some members of Hetrun also gathered to bring you efficient and stable new products.

Hetrun Industry Group Ltd.

The Hetrun members who are busy at the exhibition site are eager to treat every customer who comes to inquire, sincerely face the customer, solve the customer's needs, and always provide professional services for each visiting customer in the spirit of professionalism. Make customers and Hetrun more intimate and enjoyable.

Hetrun Industry Group Ltd.

The end of the exhibition is just the beginning of our encounter, and the future is exciting.

Guangzhou Xuchuan promises to provide customers with cost-effective products and professional after-sales service.

Hetrun Industry Group Ltd.

So, our story is starting.

Stand on the shoulders of giants and build our environmentally friendly brands.

We will always run ahead of others.