Chengdu Packaging Exhibition ended successfully

2019-03-19 14:40:21 21

The four-day Chengdu Printing and Packaging Exhibition ended on the afternoon of March 18. As a representative exhibition in the printing and packaging industry in the western region, Chengdu Printing and Packaging Exhibition has established a good communication and communication platform for printing and packaging enterprises and upstream suppliers in the western region, which has promoted the rapid development of the industry and the improvement of enterprise automation. effect.

I believe that many customers are also full of harvest, thank you for your recognition, perhaps you have not had time to order products, it does not matter, you are welcome to inquire, or come to our company to visit.

Hetrun Industry Group Ltd.

At the exhibition where people come and go, every "you" stepping into our booth, we are all very happy, with 12 points of enthusiasm to explain and interact.

We will be surrounded by you like a little sun.

The end of the song

Hetrun Industry Group Ltd.

From the 14th of March to the 18th of March, the Asahikawa Pavilion has left many customers' footprints, filled with enthusiastic explanations, repeated conversations and thought collisions.

The phrase "professionalism and dedication" is not a slogan. It is Xuchuan's unremitting pursuit and dedication to the development of the industry. We are committed to product development and sales in the "SPLAT" paper, automotive, special label materials, air filtration, color processing and other market needs, adding value to the end customer.

Although the exhibition will come to an end, Guangzhou Xuchuan's service enthusiasm will never fade, we will continue to return to our customers' support and trust with quality products and services.

Don't forget your heart, go ahead.