Package Hotmelt

Hotmelt and pur cleaners are recommended to clean tanks,hose and gun to ensure the operation of the equipment.we&nb

Hotmelt is very important to automative line in morden package machine, its fast drying, strong bonding, stability and other advantages make it be more widely used now.

HETRUN has built up production line with millions investment, and we disigned ourself control production control procedures program according to the needs of end customers. Viscosity, humidity, mixture time, temperature, softening point and other important process parameters can be dymatic montiored in PLC computer control system then output a curve .

At present, HETRUN company provides hotmelt adhesive in the whole nitrogen protection and underwater vacuum pelletizing, effectively avoiding the product affect by the air. 

We supply products are granular, lumps, strips and other products of different shapes. At the same time for the towel box hotmelt, automatic feeding the production rate of up to 150/ min, what can meet customer requirements in high and low temperature and other requirements.

Hotmelt and pur cleaners are recommended to clean tanks,hose and gun to ensure the operation of the equipment.we supply professional hotmelt cleaner,professional  and relianlie.

  • Hotmelt for Paper mill package

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  • Hotmelt for Food Package

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We have product is suitable for  all kinds of materials, such as PP,PET,Paper,Wood or leaths etc,all that has an excellent low temperature resistance, strong flexibility, good anti-aging. it can be used for food box packaging, paper packaging and so on,also can be used as a book side glue.